The mast register provides details of the locations and service providers of mobile phone masts in Medway. This information can also be viewed spatially on the mast register map.

Telecommunications consent

We control works to existing structures and new sites.

Telecommunications development will need either planning consent or prior notification of the council. Prior notification applications do not need planning permission but applicants need to inform the council of the proposal. We can not object to the principle of putting up a telephone mast but can comment on the siting and design within 56 days.

We will:

  • carry out consultations and notify affected neighbours and local schools of proposals nearby by letter
  • advertise all applications for telecommunications development in local newspapers
  • examine each request to place equipment on our land or buildings
  • not allow mast sites at schools

Our powers as landowners

As a landowner, rather than as the local planning authority, we have adopted an approach of examining each request to site equipment on our land or buildings on its merits and we’ve adopted a policy not to allow such equipment at schools within our control.


Operators of radio transmitting apparatus are required to go through a licensing process, which may include the radio site clearance procedure of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). The Health and Safety Executive also deal with radiation safety, and as part of the licensing process operators are made aware of safety requirements.

The Mobile Operators Association sends us information about mast sites annually. This lets us discuss the operators’ plans for the next year and find solutions for mobile network development in the area.

While the rollout predicted for the forthcoming year is limited, it does not include replacement sites that will be needed if an operator is served a Notice to Quit (NTQ) for an existing site. Operators might not have advanced warning of when they may be served NTQs on existing sites so information on alternative sites can’t be included in the annual rollout plans.

The rollout plans provide a high level overview of existing network sites and planned new sites for the next year, so it isn’t possible to provide location maps or detailed designs for each new proposed site at this stage.

This detailed information will be supplied with the planning application for a particular site. To help you fully understand the existing and proposed situation, we have introduced a map-based register

This can be subject to change, so you are welcome to contact us for the latest information about a particular site or area that you are interested in.

View the mast register for details of locations and service providers of phone masts in Medway.