How cashless parking works

Cashless parking is a quick and secure way to pay for parking. Instead of having to find the right change for a pay and display machine, you can simply use your mobile phone to pay and the parking fee is charged to your credit or debit card.

You no longer need to carry change or queue at a pay and display machine. You can pay for your parking session using your phone from your car.


You can now use GoMobon at the following car parks:

You can use the mobile app or pay online. 

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To use RingGo you need to register your vehicle and payment card details. You only need to do this once and then you can use the RingGo cashless facility whenever you need to pay for parking. There are a number of ways to use the service, you can:

Watch the video on how to register and pay.

RingGo PayLater

This works in a slightly different way. You will not need to pay for parking until you return to your vehicle.

You can pay using RingGo PayLater at:

RingGo Retail

Some councils and private parking operators are now offering the RingGo Retail solution. This lets you pay to park in one of over 28,000 PayPoint outlets instead. 

We're offering this service as an alternative to phone payments. 

Find a PayPoint shop

To find a PayPoint shop, search for a location on RingGo or PayPoint

You can also use the RingGo Retail text service. Send a text message (SMS) in the following format:

'Shop [RingGo location code]' to 81025

RingGo will reply with the location of the 2 nearest shops. 

How to use PayPoint

When you visit your local PayPoint shop, ask to pay for parking and then give the retailer with the following details:

  • your vehicle registration (number plate)
  • the 4 or 5 digit RingGo location code where your vehicle is parked
  • the time you need to park for.

The retailer will enter this information into the PayPoint terminal and will tell you the fee. You can pay for parking with either coins or a credit or debit card. 

Make sure you keep your receipt. This will be your proof of payment and details of session booked.


You can sign up for Autopay which will allow you to automatically pay for parking in the following car parks:

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