Get a carer’s assessment


If you give regular care to an adult, friend or family member you're entitled to a carer’s assessment to find out if you could get support as a carer.

You can get help as a carer if your physical or mental health is deteriorating or is at risk of deteriorating. Or you cannot achieve any of the following listed outcomes:

  • carry out any care responsibilities for a child or other person
  • keep up with the maintenance of your home
  • eat well
  • develop your personal relationships
  • work, train, get education or volunteer
  • make use of facilities or services in your area such as leisure activities.

During the assessment you'll:

  • be asked if the care you give is necessary
  • be asked if the care you give affects your health, wellbeing, relationships or your finances
  • tell us what difficulties you are facing and if being a carer is making it difficult to do things in your life such as going to college, saving money
  • tell us about the needs of the person you care for, the services they get and if you thin they need any adaptations, equipment, home care or day services
  • how you can be best supported.

This will help us see the effect caring has on your life and how support could help you.

For advice and support, you can contact carers first.


If you care for someone who lives in Medway, you can apply for a care assessment by contacting us on the details below.

For an adult carers assessment phone 01634 334 466 or email

For a young carers assessment phone Carers FIRST on 0300 303 1555 or email