Medway Joint Carers' Strategy

The council recognises the essential contribution that carers make to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of Medway residents.

In response, they have developed the Medway Joint Carers' Strategy to support Medway carers both young and old. This is to help carers carry out their valuable role, which is key to maintaining a balanced and person-centred health and care environment, supporting carers to avoid a crisis.

The strategy has been co-produced with carers and key partners. It demonstrates Medway’s commitment to carers and sets out new ways of making sure that they are valued and receive the recognition and support they deserve.

The Medway Joint Carers' Strategy has aligned timelines with the Adult Social Care Strategy to 2025. This will ensure both strategies work in collaboration, and that carers and the cared for are consulted on their needs at the same time.