Support for young carers

If you’re under 18 and are caring for a parent or a relative that has a disability you are classed as a young carer.

Young carers may be doing tasks that they should not be facing alone and that could interrupt their school life and childhood experience.

These tasks could include:

  • helping with washing, bathing, going to the toilet, dressing or feeding
  • help getting about or lifting
  • giving support in a crisis or whenever it is needed
  • shopping, running errands or helping with money
  • keeping an eye on someone to keep them safe.

If you're a young carer, you could get support from us including:

  • a young carers assessment
  • practical help at home
  • equipment
  • day care
  • respite care.

Get more information about young carers at NHS Choices

If you would like some extra support or advice, contact us at or phone 01634 334 466.

Carers FIRST provide the young carers service as part of the Better Together consortium.

The Better Together consortium is a collaboration that provides advice, guidance and support to Medway carers, residents and voluntary sector organisations.