Business parking permit terms and conditions

You can buy a business permit if:

  • the business you work at is located within one of Medway’s controlled parking zones
  • you are the business owner or employee.

The permit is valid for one year.

It is not transferable.

How to apply

Find out how to apply for a business parking permit online

Proof of employment

Find out what proof you will need to provide in your application.

Your application for a business permit will not be approved without the correct proof or full payment.

False information

If it's proved that you have given false information, you may be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to £2,500.

If it's proved that you have faked a parking permit, you could face a maximum fine of £5,000 in a magistrates court or an unlimited fine and 2 years imprisonment in the Crown Court.


You must cancel your permit if:

  • the business stops operating
  • you stop being the owner or employee of the business.

We will cancel a permit and you will not be refunded if:

  • information provided at the time of application is proved to be false
  • the permit is being misused.

We will write to you before the permit is withdrawn.

If any vehicle is seen to be displaying a cancelled permit, a civil enforcement officer will issue a penalty charge notice (parking fine), as the permit will be deemed to be invalid.

You must return your permit if asked to do so by a council officer or authorised agent.


You can receive a refund if you cancel your permit. You must return it to us with a written request for a refund.

Find out how to cancel your permit.

Stolen or lost permits

Find out how to get a replacement permit if it is lost or stolen.

How we use your personal information

GDPR law is designed to ensure you have a better understanding of:

  • what data we process
  • how we got it
  • what we do with it
  • who we share it with 
  • your rights regarding your data.

Read our privacy notice.

Sharing of information

Information given as part of this application may be shared with other agencies and organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions. This is to satisfy the council that you are eligible for a permit or to detect fraud.

We take fraud and the misuse of a parking permit seriously and may carry out checks on the information you give us.

You must return the permit if we or our authorised agents ask you to do so.