Parking permits and vouchers | Medway Council

Parking permits are for areas of Medway where on-street parking is limited. These are known as controlled parking zones. We provide different types of permits for residents and businesses.

Permit renewal reminder letters

Due to a technical fault with our permit reminders system, we cannot guarantee renewal notices are being sent. You should check your permit expiry date to ensure you renew your permit before it expires.

You can renew parking permits up to 4 weeks before they are due to expire. If you renew your permit in time you will not need to buy daily vouchers while waiting for your new permit to arrive.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you provide false information

If it's proved you've given false information, you may be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to £2,500.

If it's proved you've faked a parking permit, you could face a maximum fine of £5,000 in a magistrates court or an unlimited fine and/or 2 years imprisonment in the Crown Court.

Report fraud

Travel Information Centre

The Travel Information Centre at Waterfront Way, Chatham is closed until further notice, in line with government advice on social distancing, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Types of parking permits

A resident permit allows you to park in a resident permit space where you live.

If you live in a controlled parking zone and have someone who visits you every day or regularly to offer support, you can apply for a resident support permit.

Any business in a controlled parking zone can buy annual business permits for staff or company vehicles. This will allow you and your employees to park in spaces within the specified zone.

These permits are for traders who need to park in any of Medway's controlled parking zones to carry out their day-to-day business. The permits are also ideal for people attending properties within a permit zone every day.

Carer permits are for professionals who need to park in any of Medway's controlled parking zones to provide help and care in the community. They are restricted to a maximum stay of 2 hours. This permit is not valid for parking at the business address where it is registered.

These allow the permit holder to park in a single car park between 7pm and 9am. You can only use the car park specified on the permit.

These permits are for businesses who need to park within Medway's controlled parking zones to carry out their day-to-day business. The permits are also ideal for people carrying out works to properties or highways.

Daily visitor vouchers allow visitors to your home or business to temporarily park in your controlled parking zone.

These permits are for patrons to attend their place of worship on Sundays and bank holidays only.

Annual visitor permit

These permits are no longer available (since 1 April 2018).

Statement from Richard Hicks Director and Deputy Chief Executive of Medway Council

"We have removed the annual visitor permit as they were open to abuse and were often bought and sold on to others, which decreased the number of parking spaces available for residents.

"A number of residents living in Controlled Parking Zones have raised concerns about being unable to park near their homes. We have listened to this feedback and it has been agreed that, although new annual visitor parking permits will no longer be available from 1 April, existing permits are still valid until they expire and residents will be able to buy daily permits for visitors.

"We’ve increased the number of visitor vouchers residents will be able to buy each month from 20 to 50. We want to ensure residents have the opportunity to park as close to their homes as possible.

"The price of Medway’s daily visitor vouchers are in line with neighbouring authorities."