Supporting your career

To achieve the best possible outcomes for the residents of Medway, we believe that the focus must begin with our employees.

We have made it our upmost priority to create a supportive environment within which our employees feel their:

  • voices are heard
  • opinions are valued
  • needs are met.

We have an established and ongoing commitment to supporting staff and ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Staff networks and forums have been established to support and encourage networking between staff with shared interests. We support self-care and have a strong culture of staff wellbeing to support all staff and managers to be at and offer their best.

In return, we expect each member of every team to share in our commitment to the residents of Medway, so they can live the best lives they can, by working together to identify strengths and support independence.

Each team is made up of a range of professionals including:

  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • support staff working alongside partners.

This creates an incredible pool of resources and expertise, making positive outcomes more achievable.

Team structures are designed to make caseloads as manageable as possible, and all employees are given regular supervision.

A collaborative environment is promoted through our open plan offices in which ideas can be shared and everyone can benefit from the division’s rich and varied expertise and members of senior management are always available when needed.

We are committed to the professional development of our staff including post qualifying training as Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP), Best Interest Assessor (BIA) and Practice Educator Award.

We invest in the development of students and newly qualified social workers.

Fully qualified practice educators, who are to support any student who completes their 70 or 100 day placement across Adult Social Care will receive a payment of £5 per placement day (up to a max of £350 for 70-day placements and £500 for 100-day placements) for their work and dedication towards growing the social work workforce.

At Medway Council, you can carry out your best work safe in the knowledge that there is a comprehensive support structure behind you.

We strive to develop a learning culture in which we operate from a perspective of safe uncertainty, professional curiosity and authoritative doubt.

We will learn from mistakes in a way that is without blame or shame so we can provide the best support for individuals.