First response

Single Point of Access (SPA) and Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

The SPA for Children and Families is our front door to early help and statutory social work services. To ensure the right children and young people get the right service, qualified social workers, early help co-ordinators and education safeguarding staff assess against the threshold criteria, to make timely and proportionate decisions, led by social work managers. The SPA receives calls and correspondence from the public and our partners.

The development of the MASH reflects the close partnership between key agencies in Medway and co-locates police, professionals from other Children’s Services Teams, Health and Education Safeguarding. There is additional involvement of virtual partners from Probation and Housing to improve information sharing at the front door.

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There are four social work assessment teams, responsible for completing Children and Family Assessments and conducting brief interventions. These teams are split into pods which consist of one practice manager and 6 social workers (ranging from ASYE to senior practitioner).

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