You're allocated a social worker when you enter care. 

We'll introduce you to your personal advisor, also known as 'PA' when you are 16. They will work with you and your social worker until you are 18.

When you are 18 your PA will become your key worker. This means they will take the place of your social worker.

As a young adult, you can make your own decisions and choices. Your PA is there to help you make the best decisions as you transition into adulthood and independent living.

Needs assessment

You're entitled to an assessment of your needs within a pathway plan. Your personal advisor will support you with accommodation and maintenance.

It's the PA’s role to support and advise you. This is to make sure you understand what you are entitled to.

More about your pathway plan


Your PA has a duty to meet with you every two months when you're aged between 18 and 21.

This includes visiting you in your home to make sure you are okay and managing with independent living.

They will also keep in touch with you in between visits. The PA needs to record and monitor your progress, and will offer you support and advice every step of the way.

Your PA will continue to work with you until you are at least 21. In some cases they will continue to work with you up to 25 if you are in full-time education, or if you have requested longer-term support and advice.

You can contact your personal advisor if you need more support, or need to see them.