Post-16 options

There are many options when you leave year 11.

You can stay in full-time education in sixth form or college. Or start a training course, apprenticeship or internship. 

Sixth form or college

Sixth forms are often smaller and similar to school.

Colleges can be larger and offer lots of different courses. They can be less formal than school, but you're expected to manage your own time and work. 

The option you choose can depend on the qualifications you need for the future, what job you're interested in and your own learning style and preference. 

It's important to look at different schools and colleges and talk to the people there to find out which would suit you.

Open days

All colleges and sixth forms hold open days. But you can also ask to visit during a normal day to find out more.

College open days are a really helpful way for you to find out how different colleges work and get an idea of what it will be like to be a college student. They are an opportunity to see the campus and get information that will help you make a decision on what to do next. Ask your personal advisor if you would like them to go to an open day with you. 

More post-16 choices

Find out more about your post-16 choices on National Careers Service

You can also speak to a careers advisor in your school about your post-16 options. 

If you have finished year 11 you can get support from our information, advice and guidance team.