Council Tax is a payment for local services that many people over 18 with a tenancy have to pay.

The money raised from Council Tax is used to pay for local services such as policing, rubbish collections and the maintenance of parks.

We'll support you to claim all eligible Council Tax benefits and reductions, such as Council Tax Support, single person discount and student exemption.

Discretionary relief 

If you are a care leaver you may be able to get discretionary relief for your Council Tax. This means you will not have to pay some or all of your Council Tax. 

You will get discretionary relief if you are a care leaver and: 

  • you live alone and are responsible for paying the Council Tax. You will get 100% discretionary relief after all other reductions have been applied
  • you are jointly responsible with a partner who lives in the property and is not a care leaver. You will get 100% discretionary relief after all other reductions have been applied.

If you live outside Medway you must pass your Council Tax bill to your personal advisor for payment. They will make sure all appropriate reductions have been applied by the billing council before they pay the bill. 

Apply for discretionary relief 

You can apply for Council Tax discretionary relief in writing, by email or by phone. 

You must include the following in your application: 

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • which council is the corporate parent (the council responsible for you)
  • your consent for us to request information to confirm your care leaver status
  • your current address
  • details of any other adults in the property
  • details of any circumstances that would be relevant to entitlement to legislative discounts, disregards or exemptions
  • your contact details

Send your application to us by one of the following: 

Post: Council Tax and benefits, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR


Phone: 01634 332 222

Download care leavers Council Tax discretionary relief policy

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