We'll give you a setting up home allowance when you move to independent living. 

The allowance is £2,000 (or £3,000 if you turned 18 after 1 May 2023) and is for essential items such as a bed, kettle and carpet. 

We will not give you the money as a lump sum or replace essential items once you have bought them.

You can buy your items online or your personal adviser can go shopping with you. 

Setting a budget

You'll have a budget to stick to. So it is a good opportunity to find what items are available, whether you find free items, upcycled projects or buy new. 

Your personal adviser can explain what an essential item is. 

TV Licence

We'll pay for your TV Licence for the first year. 

You'll need to pay for it every year after that. You'll need to budget for this. 

Find out more about TV Licences.

Your bills and tenancy

Your personal adviser can help you manage your bills and tenancy agreement. If you do not keep to your tenancy agreement or pay your bills you may be at risk of eviction and homelessness.

Our accommodation lead personal adviser can offer you tenancy training. This will help you prepare and understand the responsibilities of holding your own tenancy. 

Speak to your personal adviser about any money or housing worries. They can help you with housing issues. If you live in supported housing your support worker will help you build your independence skills.

More about risk of homelessness.

Your permanent home

When you first move into your permanent home, your personal adviser will help you settle in.

They will carry out a pathway plan review when you have been in your home for 28 days and at least every 6 months after that.

They will also visit within a week of you moving into your new home, and then visit at least every 2 months after that.

Your personal adviser may also make a referral on your behalf for floating support. If you live in your own home they can help with your personal life and practical life skills, such as budgeting. If you are allocated a worker and do not attend the meetings the support might stop, so try and get the maximum benefit from them as they are there to support you.

Your personal adviser can give you advice on how to stay safe in your home and who to contact for any maintenance issues or problems with neighbours.

You can get housing advice at Kingsley House in Gillingham.