You may find it useful to make a housing plan.

You can use the template below to help you make decisions and plans about where you would like to live.

You can do this on your own or with your personal advisor.

My current living arrangements My goals What needs to happen Who can help me? Other discussions


  • I am 17 and currently live with my foster carers. I would like to stay in this area and if possible stay living with my foster carers. 
  • I plan to go to college locally. 
  • If I cannot stay with my foster carers I would like to look at supported accommodation options.

1. Staying put

2. Supported accommodation

Add tasks that you or anyone supporting you need to take. 


1. Speak to your personal advisor about staying put

1. Register for supported accommodation

List all the people or agencies that can help you. 


1. Social worker

2. Personal advisor

3. Foster carer

List any issues, barriers, information or finances needed.