A better Medway

Find your starting point

Firstly, find patterns in sickness and turnover and how you can address them.

Ask your team what they need so you can meet their expectations and have a lasting impact. You can do this by carrying out a staff health and wellbeing survey, or by talking to staff if you have a small team.

You can use our survey and get a free workplace health report by joining the Healthy Workplace Programme.

Get people involved

For a lasting impact, you'll need senior management support and staff involvement from all levels of your organisation.

You can get people involve by speaking to staff who can champion and help you run the programme.

We have training available which can give your staff the skills and knowledge to champion health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Please contact us at workplacehealth@medway.gov.uk to find out more.

Draw up an action plan

Once you know what you need to focus on, draw up an action plan with your staff champions. You can keep track of national health campaigns that could give you helpful resources. 

Make use of your resources

You can make the best use of resources on offer in your community. Find out what local programmes can give advice, guidance and support.

Review what you’re offering

You can evaluate and adapt what you’re offering based on feedback if something isn’t working.

Staff surveys can help you check on progress against your action plan. They can also monitor success by reviewing absence rates and turnover to see if it’s improving.

Invest in your healthy workplace programme

Businesses have reported that for every £1 spent on health and wellbeing initiatives between £2 and £32 is saved.

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