A better Medway

Having healthy staff and a healthy workplace can help reduce sickness and increase productivity as staff will be well enough to work effectively. 

Evidence shows that for every £1 spent on healthy workplace initiatives, businesses benefit from between £2 and £32 in reduced sickness, turnover and improved productivity.


1. Improved health of staff 

Having a healthy workplace can benefit staff's diets and health.

This can reduce staff absence and the number of staff who leave the organisation and need to be replaced which costs the UK £5.2billion every year.


Staff health
Staff productivity

2. Increased staff productivity

Staff that feel supported, are physically active and have a higher staff morale are more productive at work.

3. Increase your organisation's appeal

Staff that feel supported are less likely to leave the organisation. This can help you to keep existing talent.

A recent study also showed that 65% of employees said they would consider moving jobs if their employer was not environmentally responsible.


Happy staff

£29 billion on sickness

a year in the UK

27% less sick days

taken by physically active staff