Challenge Cards are a quick and easy way for young people to share views and experiences of being in care.

They are a way to let the decision makers know what improvements young people would like to see in the care system.

How we use Challenge Cards

We anonymously share the Challenge Cards at Medway's Children and Young Person Council (MCYPC) meetings. Decision makers for Children's Services are at these meetings. They listen and take on board the challenges raised by young people in care.

If we can take a challenge forward, we work out a deadline to make sure it is completed. If we cannot complete a challenge, we will find out why and let you know.

Once we have completed a challenge, the MCYPC will share the outcome on their social media pages and website.

Submit a Challenge Card

If you're a Medway young person in care or a Medway care leaver aged up to 24, wherever you live, you can submit a Medway Challenge Card to us

To submit a card, visit the Young Lives Foundation (YLF) website.

Further information

To find out more about the MCYPC and the Young Lives Foundation, follow them on social media: