In 2019 Medway Council declared a climate emergency, to respond to one of the most important challenges of our time.

We recognise the need for us to act against climate change, but we will not be able to combat this threat alone. It will need the combined actions of Medway’s residents, communities, and businesses.

Our action plan has laid out how we will respond to climate change, both as a council, and as a community. It is a working document that will evolve as new opportunities and technologies come to light.

We're currently refreshing the plan and are running a survey until Tuesday 30 April 2024. Find out more and have your say in our Climate Change Action Plan survey.

There are actions for the council to lead on, and there are actions for how as a community we must respond. Read our Refreshed Climate Change Action Plan 2022 to see how together we can work towards addressing this challenge, and what you can do to take action.

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Our 11 high level priorities:

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Our actions will achieve net zero carbon through:


Using energy efficiency measures to reduce the demand for energy, such as LED lighting.


Using energy from renewable sources that do not produce any carbon emissions, such as solar PV systems.


Using carbon offsetting to balance out the remaining amount of emissions, such as planting trees. This is the last step in a carbon management plan.

Small changes

Many people think that climate change is too big an issue to tackle by themselves.

If we all make lots of small changes it will help. Find out how you can take action.


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