Setting the vision and objectives

We're setting the vision and objectives for Medway's Local Plan.

We're running a consultation until 31 October 2023. 

Find out more about the consultation and have your say.

We'll continue to gather evidence during and after the consultation to help produce a draft plan. 

Developing the draft Local Plan

We'll use our evidence base of technical studies and assessments and consultation feedback to prepare policies and set out a plan for growth.

The draft plan will detail policies and show sites preferred by us for new development.

It will then be approved by our cabinet to be published. 

Publishing the draft Local Plan

Our draft Local Plan will be published in 2024. You'll be able to have your say on our specific growth plans. 

Comments received will be passed on to the independent planning inspector, along with the draft plan and supporting documents. 

Examination of the plan

We'll submit our draft plan for independent examination, including:

  • consultation documents
  • supporting documents.

A planning inspector will assess the plan and provide a report to us at the end of the examination. The report will recommend any changes that are needed before the plan can be adopted. 

Adopting the Local Plan

Once the Local Plan has been adopted it will be used to make decisions on planning applications in Medway. 

We want to have the Local Plan in place by autumn 2025.

We'll continue to review and update the plan.