A better Medway

How to take part

All schools in Medway are eligible to take part in the A Better Medway (ABM) Schools Award programme.

Pledge-based approach

Our programme takes a pledge-based approach to each award level. To gain an award schools will need to provide evidence for each completed pledge.

Bronze Award

To achieve the Bronze Award, schools will need to fulfil 10 set pledges, which ensure that they have the right policies and principles in place to be an ABM awarded school.

Silver Award

Participating schools then choose pledges right for their school across the following 9 themes:

  • PSHE
  • staff wellbeing
  • mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • climate change
  • parent engagement
  • healthy eating and nutrition
  • community engagement
  • physical activity and active travel
  • smoke free.

A total of 15 pledges need to be achieved to receive the Silver Award. You need to choose at least one pledge from each theme. The rest can be chosen from any theme to reach the total of 15 pledges.

Gold Award

An additional 15 pledges secure the Gold Award.

Platinum Award

Exemplary schools can then progress to a Platinum Award. This focuses on areas such as continuous development. Schools will need to complete an additional 20 or more pledges from across each of the 9 themes.

Examples of evidence you could include

You should combine different sources of evidence. For example, you could ensure that a written policy is backed up by discussion with pupils and staff.

Written documentation

Written documentation on school policy and practice level agreements could include:

  • school policies - with evidence of implementation
  • school development, improvement, or management plans
  • school targets, action plans and self-evaluation tools
  • programmes of study, schemes of work and lesson pans
  • assessment and auditing tools
  • lesson observation notes and pupil's work
  • job descriptions and SLAs (service level agreements) 
  • staff training records, CPD logs or certificates to evidence recent staff development
  • methods of recognising and celebrating success
  • minutes of school council meetings
  • notes of discussion with pupils, staff, and parents and carers.


Discussions with pupils, staff and parents or carers about the 8 themes in the A Better Medway Schools Award could include:

  • discussion or focus groups with staff on how the school is or could meet the criteria of the 8 themes
  • focus groups with the school council or class discussions with pupils on how the school is or could meet the criteria of the 8 themes
  • parent and carers focus groups to discuss if they feel the school meets the criteria of the 8 themes
  • engagement and discussion with external agencies such as health services and third sector providers.

Evidence which arises from participation and involvement

Evidence which arises from participation and involvement could include:

  • how the views of staff, governors, pupils, parents and carers influence plans and the mechanisms used
  • minutes of school council meetings
  • notes of discussions with pupils and parents or carers.

What next

For a no obligation meeting to get the ABM Schools Award programme in your school, call us on 01634 334 307 or email childhealth@medway.gov.uk.

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