Primary schools and under 5s

Lessons and activities

Nursery and reception

You can set a good example for young children through your own behaviour on the road. This will help them learn good road safety skills that they can use throughout their lives. 

Suggested activity: introduce the basics

Take some time to:

  • ask them what they might see and hear when they're outside. Get them to make some noises of the traffic they have seen or heard before
  • ask them to give you an example of traffic. Explain it's something that travels on the road and has wheels to move. Perhaps look out of the window and see how many different types of traffic you can spot together
  • explore the idea that traffic is much bigger and heavier than our bodies
  • introduce that we must follow a set of rules to keep ourselves safe when out walking, called the green cross code: ‘stop, look, listen and think’ 
  • explain why it’s important we have to do every stage - see if they can remember it
  • ask your child to hold your hand. Explain it’s safer for them to hold your hand when outside and when crossing the road.

Get free resources from the Children’s Traffic Club.

Worksheets and resources

Key stage 1 (years 1 and 2):

Key stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

Home activities

Primary schools and under 5s

We offer schools, nurseries and other organisations road safety lessons specifically designed to cover a range of age related topics and skills.

The lessons are delivered by safer journey officers, who are also available to consult on issues connected with road safety education, active travel and school crossing patrols.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

An introduction to road safety

An interactive lesson that introduces children to basic road safety vocabulary, such as kerb, traffic and pedestrian, while also emphasising the importance of holding a grown-ups hand.

The session sees children build a road, identify traffic and practice the rules of the road - ‘stop, look, listen and think’ - in a safe space.

For more information on road safety EYFS education lessons, email

Key stage 1

Year 1: Road safety walk

Basic on-site training providing young pedestrians with an introduction to the road and roadside environment. Students practice identifying ‘safer places’ to cross (stop), practice observation and listening skills of various traffic (look and listen), finally crossing the road whilst chaperoned.

The school is responsible for children during this activity using the school’s own health and safety criteria.

Year 1 and 2: Scooter skills

A practical session for Terms 5 and 6 only that covers basic scooting skills, such as steering and braking. A minimum of 10 children per course and a playground is required. Children are required to bring in their own scooter and wear a helmet and protective pads.

This course has limited availability.

For more information on key stage 1 road safety lessons, email

Key stage 2

Year 3: Road safety sequencing

A classroom-based lesson that explores the importance of putting a sequence into the correct order and how this translates to crossing the road.

Year 4 and 5: Conspicuity

A classroom-based lesson that deals with the importance of 'being seen‘ whilst travelling as a pedestrian or cyclist.

Year 5/6: Seatbelt Sled

An interactive session providing children with key safety and legal seatbelt information. During the session children receive an opportunity to experience a ride on a 'seatbelt sled'. 

Sessions are available during terms 5 and 6.

Year 6: Distraction

A classroom-based lesson that guides students into identifying different types of distractions and how they can adversely compromise decision-making when crossing the road.

Year 6: Transition

A classroom-based lesson designed to be delivered during Term 6 to support Year 6 students transition to secondary school. 

For more information on key stage 2 road safety lessons, email


Reception: Bikeability balance

A series of fun school-based sessions that aim to give children the basic balance and co-ordination skills they will need to ride a bike.

Balance bikes are provided.

Year 6: Bikeability

Training takes place at your school over 2 days. The first session is in the playground, and if Level 1 is achieved training continues on the road.

Up to 8 pupils per course age 10+. Schools can book more than one course.

For more information, email or call 01634 331 095.

You can also find information about our educational sessions in a downloadable and printable Road Safety Education leaflet.