Appeal a CCTV bus lane PCN

You may be able to dispute a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) from bus lane CCTV for any of the following reasons.

There was no breach of the bus lane order or regulation

This means you thought you could enter the bus lane where you did because you believed there were no restrictions or you entered outside the bus lane hours of operation. Please provide evidence.  

You do not own the vehicle

If you do not or no longer own the vehicle you can appeal and will need to provide evidence.

This includes if you:

  • never owned the vehicle
  • stopped being the owner before the date of the contravention (you'll need to provide evidence, for example, a notice from the DVLA or insurance documents showing when the policy was cancelled)
  • became an owner after the date of the contravention (you'll need to provide evidence, for example, the V5C registration form or insurance documents showing when the policy was cancelled)
  • the vehicle had been stolen or used without your consent (you'll need to provide evidence, including a crime reference number or insurance claim).

The police are taking action for the same offence

If police are already taking action for the offence, you'll need to provide evidence of this. This could be a fixed penalty notice or a notice of intended prosecution. 

Other reasons to appeal a bus lane PCN

If none of the reasons listed apply, we'll consider convincing circumstances on a case-by-case basis. 

Appeal a Penalty Charge Notice