Appeal a postal fine

You can appeal a postal Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for any of the following reasons.

The contravention did not occur

You can appeal if you believed the restrictions did not apply to you or had another good reason for parking there. You will need to provide evidence of this.  

You do not own the vehicle

If you do not or no longer own the vehicle you can appeal and will need to provide evidence.

This includes if you:

  • never owned the vehicle
  • stopped being the owner before the date of the contravention
  • became an owner after the date of the contravention
  • the vehicle has been stolen or used without your consent (you will need to provide evidence including a crime reference number of insurance claim).

The officer was able to serve the PCN

You can also appeal if you get a PCN in the post as we claim the civil enforcement (CEO) was stopped from issuing a PCN at the scene. This only applies to PCNs issued by CEOs and you will need to provide evidence.

A hire firm has issued the fine

You can also appeal if we are a hire firm and have supplied the name and address of the hirer. This only applies to hire companies where the hirer has signed a hire agreement accepting liability for penalty charges. You will need to provide this as evidence.   

The order is not accurate

You can appeal if the amount on the parking charge notice is the wrong amount.

Other reasons to appeal a postal fine

If none of the reasons listed apply, we will consider convincing circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Appeal a penalty charge notice