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The aim of Early Help in Medway is to ensure that children and families that need extra help have one lead person who they can tell their story to. This means you won’t have to keep telling different people.

This lead person will carry out a family assessment to develop a plan of action and interventions needed to meet the aims of your family.

Make an early help referral

If you feel a family is in need of early help intervention, you can request this using our online make an early help referral form.

Our Early Help Strategy

Around 20% of young people and their families are likely to need some extra support at some point. Our strategy aims to:

  • offer support to reduce the likelihood of family issues getting worse
  • reduce the higher costs that occur with late intervention
  • make a difference to children’s lives and help them to follow the path they want
  • ensure that families don’t have to wait too long to get support
  • make sure that families aren’t left up in the air when the support ends

Early Help Outcomes Plan

The Medway Early Help Outcomes Plan has been developed in response to the Troubled Families Programme for England.

Phase 1 of the programme is designed to focus on families:

  • with children that were not going to school
  • with young people committing crime
  • involved with anti-social behaviour
  • with adults out of work

Phase 2 of the programme aims to reach another 400,000 families by 2020 across England and includes families:

  • that have been affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • with children that need help
  • with parents or children that have a range of health needs

This plan sets out an agreed approach as to how Medway will:

  • identify families that need support
  • support those families to a successful outcome
  • monitor and progress at key points
  • provide evidence of significant and continued success
  • make change within local agencies to continue this work after 2020

Download our Early Help Outcome Plan.