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In the spotlight

Medway Council Fostering is proud to support Pride 2022 this June.

Our LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) fostering community continues to grow every year. This month serves as an opportunity to recognise our LGBT+ foster carers and highlight the growing need for more foster carers from the LGBT+ community.

What matters in fostering is not what type of person you are, but your ability to open your heart and home to children and young people in need.

Find out more about Fostering during Pride 2022.

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“When asked, 'what is fostering?', my reply is that it's loving a child like your own, knowing that they're not and they'll move on from you at some point. Each time, I hope that they take away some of the love and lessons we've shared with them.”

- Foster carer of 10 years

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