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October is Children of Foster Carers Month! Join us in celebrating and raising awareness of the important role children of foster carers play in the lives of our children in foster care.

Find out more about Children of Foster Carers Month 2023 on our Fostering Facebook page.

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“Over 40 years ago, I was a fostered child with Medway and look at me now. I had a team behind me who have built me into the resilient person I am today. That is why I now foster for Medway Council. I trust that the children are safe and secure. From experience, I know you cannot get that everywhere. No feeling in this world beats a young person you’ve helped to shape turn out to be the remarkable person they’ve become today.”

- Medway child in care now foster carer, 12 years

If you have been thinking of becoming a foster carer, contact us for a friendly, informal chat.

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