Arrangements for assistants

A passenger assistant will only be provided in exceptional circumstances such as:

  • if a number of children are travelling together and need supervision
  • if a child has a severe medical condition or behavioural need that requires support during transportation

Any  request for a passenger assistant must be supported with detailed evidence that shows the risk to the child or others. The evidence provided must include a risk assessment compiled by the council in partnership with the school or education setting and or medical professionals. In the case of behavioural needs, include details of strategies that could be used to support the young person.

The requirement for a passenger assistant will be reviewed every 6 months and the need may change as the child gets older.

Passenger assistant duties include:

  • supervising children during travel
  • helping children board and leave the vehicle
  • delivering any notes, medication or money between home and school

It is the parent or carer’s duty to supervise the child from the house to the vehicle as passenger assistants cannot leave the other children unattended in the vehicle. The school staff are required to get the child from the vehicle and into the school and to supervise pupil’s onto the vehicle at the end of the day.

Pupils with serious or life threatening conditions

If a pupil has a serious or life-threatening condition or has extremely challenging behaviour, we encourage parents or carers to act as the passenger assistant. If this is not possible, we will make reasonable efforts to find an appropriately qualified passenger assistant but this can’t be guaranteed.

Training for drivers and passenger assistants

All drivers and passenger assistants will undergo training appropriate to the needs of the child or young person they are supporting. They will also carry an identity card which is renewed every three years and have up to date DBS checks.