Fees and charges

At the Archives Centre, we have services that you can make use of for a fee.

These services include:

  • help with research if you are unable to visit us in person
  • digital copies of documents and collections
  • books and booklets
  • county Archive Research Network (CARN) cards -for access to any local archives
  • photography permits
  • photocopying, scanning and printing
Service Price

£9.25 (15 minutes) plus cost of copies and postage
£37 (one hour)
£18.50 (30 minutes)

Photography permits £11.70 non commercial
£24.60 commercial

Photocopying fees

Photocopy size Cost for local studies Cost for archives
A4 black and white 30p 80p
A3 black and white 50p £1.10
A4 colour 75p £1.20
A3 colour £1.05 £1.50

Printing fees

Computer printing Cost for black and white prints Cost for colour prints
A4 10p 80p
A3 20p £1
Microfilm/microfiche printing Printing cost
A4 80p
A3 £1

Local studies scanning

Scan size Cost for black and white scans Cost for colour scans
A4 80p £3.30
A3 90p £3.90

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