If we do not receive any objections from the responsible authorities or interested party, your application is granted on the basis of the application you submitted. You will initially receive a letter confirming that your licence is granted. This allows you to operate the activities for the hours requested on your application form.

Within the next couple of weeks, a licence and summary sheet are sent. It is then up to the applicant to display the summary sheet on the premises immediately to comply with the legal requirements.


If we get any objections, we will arrange a Licensing Hearing Panel. A hearing will be set within a month of the end of the consultation period. This is called the mediation period.

Objections are called representations under the Act.

Once the unit receives a representation, it must decide if it is relevant.

To be relevant:

  • it must be in writing, either in the form of a letter or email
  • the person making it must provide details of their name and their full postal address
  • the comments must be in relation to one or more of the licensing objectives
  • it must have been received by the council within the 28-day consultation period
  • it must not be unnecessary or repetitive.

Irrelevant representations

If a representation fails to meet any of the criteria above, we will write to the objector to say that we cannot accept it under the Act.

Relevant representations

If a representation meets all of the criteria above it is a relevant representation.

We will then:

  • notify the objector and tell them that there will be a meeting of the Licensing Hearing Panel
  • advise that you can bring a legal representative to help present your evidence at the hearing
  • contact you again with the date, time and location of the hearing.