Apply for a resident support parking permit

You or your support person can apply for a resident support parking permit online. 

What you'll need

If you’re applying as the resident who needs support, you’ll need: 

  • your email address
  • your proof of address
  • the support person’s email address. 

If you’re applying as the support person, you’ll need

  • your email address 
  • your proof of address
  • your proof of vehicle ownership or driving a company vehicle
  • the resident’s email address.

Your proof must be clear and readable.

A resident support permit costs £31 a year.

We will not issue a resident support permit if our records show there are 2 valid resident support permits against your property. 

What happens next

We’ll send you an email to confirm we have received your application.

If you’re the resident who needs support, we’ll send an email to the support person. The email will include a link to provide their details and upload their proof of address and vehicle.

If you have applied as the support person, we’ll send an email to the resident. The email will include a link to provide their details and upload their proof of address.

Once we have received all the information and proof we need, we’ll assess your application. 

How to pay for your permit

If we approve your application, well send an email to the person who will pay for the permit. The email will include a link to a payment form for them to pay online.

We aim to send the permit to the resident within 10 working days of the date we receive payment.

Once you receive the permit your support person must display it clearly in their vehicle or they risk being issued with a parking fine, also known as a penalty charge notice (PCN).

If we do not approve your application  

If we do not approve your application or need more information, we will contact you to tell you why.