Social worker

If you’re looking to take the next step in your social worker career in a supportive environment where you can continue learning, Medway Council is the place for you. You will work as part of a small team known as a Pod where staff collaborate on cases to achieve the best possible outcomes.

With a focus on reducing caseloads, Medway is continually looking for new ways to ensure that social workers are provided with the support and assistance they need to thrive. The POD system means that cases are shared and benefit from the team’s varied knowledge and experience.

Our Social Work Academy allows all of our staff, no matter their level, to continually develop their skills and make a real difference to service users. We are offering training from the Institute of Family Therapy from January 2017 leading to an accredited qualification.

Our aims

Reduce caseloads

In order to allow our social workers to give proper time and resource to service users, we continue to find new ways of reducing caseloads. Cases are also shared across a Pod so service users benefit from varied knowledge and experience while social workers are not alone managing the risk.

Energetic service

A proper support structure and collaborative working means that happy social workers come together as a dynamic team. This energy allows us to secure more positive outcomes for our service users.

Continual learning

Social work academy and numerous training and development opportunities create an environment of career-long learning. Our social workers are highly skilled and knowledgeable as well as equipped for progression when opportunities arise.

Our offer

We offer:

  • Small Pod system enabling collaborative working supported by a dedicated Practice Manager.
  • The opportunity to develop reliable working relationships within your Pod and across the service.
  • Reduced caseloads allow you to spend more time on each case in order to consistently achieve positive results. Make a difference without feeling swamped.
  • Time away from daily work to learn new skills and digest contemporary research.
  • A Social Work Academy that supports your training and development at every stage of your career. Develop knowledge to, not only better equip you in your current role but, set you up for future progression. Institute of Family Therapy accredited training and Practice Educator Award qualifications are just two of the training programmes available to social work staff in Medway.
  • Flexible working to fit around your personal situation.
  • Reflective group and individual supervision which recognises the importance of self development.