Medway social care academy

The Medway Social Work Academy was launched in April 2014.  The Academy was set up to attract, recruit, develop and retain social workers in Adults and Children’s Social Care, with a strong focus on training linked to continuous professional development for all existing social workers and managers.

The Social Work Academy is a virtual academy made up of several faculties:

  • Developing Social Care Staff – to provide all our Social Care staff with appropriate resources, training and development opportunities to support their continued professional development.
  • Students’ Unit – provides support to students on placement including monthly Action Learning Sets and tutorials which are delivered by our Social Work Student Training Manager
  • NQSW (ASYE) – A 12 month ASYE programme has been developed for our social work graduates and is delivered by an Advanced Practitioner specifically recruited to guide NQSW’s through their first year.
  • Extended Professional Development – provides support to our social workers including those who have recently completed their ASYE year.  Social workers receive mentoring through every stage of their career and will have access to an extensive CPD programme along with specialist seminars and programmes tailored to support their emerging professional challenges.
  • Advanced Professional Development – provides support to senior social workers, social work managers and head of service including step up programme for senior social workers to social work manager, ILM and Assisted and Supported Year in Management programme.

The faculties engage leaders in social work and its allied fields of work to engage in multi agency cross-cutting learning.  The academy is an outstanding resource providing dynamic and professional leadership to our staff and students from our partner universities.