What is in your pathway plan

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If you have any worries about your health this should be included in your pathway plan.

This includes your physical and mental health, and support to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Education, training and employment

Any support you need to achieve your career goals should be written in your pathway plan.

This includes clear aims for what you need to achieve your goals and how we'll support you.


Your plan should say how we'll help you have good relationships with your family, friends and anyone else you value in your life.

Identity and participation in society

Your plan should include any extra support you may need with language, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Make sure you tell your personal advisor what you need. We're here to support you.


Your plan should say what your financial entitlements are, how much you will get and when you'll get this from which service.

It will cover budgeting, any benefits you are entitled to and any savings you may have.


You should have regular assessments of your current and future accommodation.

This should include location, safety, bills and rent.

You'll be included in any changes in your accommodation and a plan should be in place before you have to move.