How to spot cockroaches

There are 2 main types of cockroach in Britain, Oriental Cockroaches and German Cockroaches.

Cockroaches do not normally survive outdoors in our cool climate, but thrive around the heating and boiler rooms of buildings. They group around pipes, stoves, and sinks and will often stay hidden during the day.

Any areas with food, water and dark spaces are ideal hiding spots for cockroaches.

Treat cockroaches yourself

It can be very difficult to get rid of cockroaches yourself, so it’s wise to get professional help.

To treat cockroaches yourself, you could:

  • buy insecticide spray from your local hardware store
  • clean the area you’re treating and remove any food or water nearby
  • following the instructions on the label
  • pay attention to cracks where eggs may be found
  • avoid sticky traps as they should only be used for monitoring.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by following this advice.

Book a treatment 

To book a treatment, please call us on 01634 283 215 to discuss the treatment we can offer.

Prevention tips

To help prevent cockroaches, you should:

  • clean all surfaces thoroughly to remove any food residue
  • avoid leaving dirty dishes and utensils in the sink
  • keep bins covered, clean and emptied regularly
  • clean beneath your refrigerator regularly as warm areas attract cockroaches
  • seal gaps around doors, windows and wires to prevent entry
  • repair any leaks beneath the sink and on the sink top to remove a potential water source.