How to spot pigeons

Pigeons, also known as Rock Doves, will lay one or 2 eggs which hatch within 18 days.

Pigeons are dependent on humans to provide them with food and nesting sites.

They can block gutters and drains, cause stains on buildings and cause slip hazards where their droppings have landed.

Their nests and droppings can contain diseases that can be passed to people.

Treat pigeons yourself

There are a number of items you can buy to prevent birds from landing on your property. These include:

  • netting
  • anti-perch spikes
  • sprung wires
  • ropes.

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Book a treatment 

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Prevention tips

To keep pigeons from eating and nesting at your home or business, you should:

  • keep all food and standing water out of reach (including pet food)
  • avoid feeding the pigeons
  • remove unsecured bird feeders and clean up spilled seed
  • cover rubbish bins
  • fill in any holes or gaps in the property.