We aim to deliver new bins and bags within 10 working days. To avoid your recycling containers going missing after collection, we advise placing your property number on them.

You can complete our online form to request:

  • reusable recycling bags
  • brown recycling bags
  • a replacement brown wheelie bin, if yours is missing or damaged
  • removal of your brown wheelie bin, because you do not need it any more
  • a communal recycling facility, for flats

Order new recycling bins and reusable recycling bags online

Phone 01634 333 333 to order a:

  • new brown wheelie bin (if you've never had a brown bin before)
  • 23 litre food bin

Clear sacks

The clear sack delivery service is still running. You'll receive a roll of clear sacks at your door every 13 weeks.

If you have reusable blue and white bags, please continue to use these - washing and squashing the contents to make full use of their capacity.

If you've run out of clear sacks and do not have reusable bags, you can use cardboard boxes and carrier bags instead.

To help collection crews easily identify refuse and recycling:

  • make sure refuse and recycling are placed out separately from each other
  • use coloured single-use bags if necessary

If you have a roll of clear sacks that you no longer need, give them to neighbours, family or friends for their recycling.

Reusable bags

Reusable bags are the most environmentally friendly option and can help reduce single use plastic.

Using the blue reusable bag for paper and the white reusable bag for other recycling will help you reduce global warming and save money. 

When ordering blue and white bags online, make sure that you choose the reusable bags option. 

Recycling during lockdown