Your rubbish, recycling, garden and food waste are collected:

  • weekly
  • on the same day every week
  • in different collection vehicles.

You must put all rubbish outside your home by 7am on your collection day.

To find out when we visit your area, check your collection day online.

What we offer for recycling

To help you recycle, we provide free:

  • reusable blue and white bags
  • brown wheelie bins
  • clear sacks
  • kitchen caddies
  • garden sacks.

Please do not contaminate your recycling with food items as they will be treated as general rubbish and will not be recycled.

Blue reusable bagblue reusable bag for recycling

You can use your blue reusable bag for:

  • magazines or newspapers
  • envelopes
  • junk mail
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • wrapping paper (no foil or glitter).

You must only use your blue bag for paper and card. We take this waste to a paper mill where it is recycled into paper products.

This helps us:

  • use less energy
  • save money
  • look after our environment.

White reusable bagwhite reusable bag

You can use your white reusable bag for:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • metal food and drink cans
  • plastic food packaging
  • clean metal foil
  • aerosol cans
  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays.

You can order replacement blue and white bags online or collect them from any Medway library or community hub.

Find a Medway library or community hub.

Clear sacks

Clear sacks can be used for any extra recycling that does not fit in your white reusable bag.

We deliver rolls of clear plastic sacks every 13 weeks. You can collect extra sacks from any Medway community hub or library.

Food and garden waste

wheelie bin

You can place food and garden waste in your brown wheelie bin.

We will empty this very week. To help keep the bin clean, you can use a caddy liner.

You can order caddy liners online and collect them from any Medway library or community hub. Caddy liners are £2.20 per roll.

Find a Medway library or community hub.

You can use your brown wheelie bin for:

  • meat and fish
  • plate scrapings
  • fruit and vegetable peelings and cores
  • egg shells
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • grass and hedge clippings
  • garden trimmings and weeds
  • small branches (no more than 5cm across)
  • dead plants.

If you fill your brown wheelie bin, you can also place up to 2 open garden sacks out for collection.

If you cannot have a brown wheelie bin

23 Litre food bin

Some homes cannot have a brown wheelie bin.

We can provide a 23 litre food bin for food waste and 2 reusable brown sacks for garden waste. Food waste cannot be put in brown sacks.

To order a 23 litre food bin and reusable brown sacks, please call 01634 333 333.

General rubbish

All non-recyclable rubbish such as disposable nappies must go in black rubbish sacks. We do not offer black sacks. You can buy them from local shops and supermarkets.

You can store rubbish in a dustbin on your property. You must only put them on the path outside on your collection day by 7am.