Fostering with Medway Council offers you a variety of income-based fostering placements to suit your lifestyle and career options, whilst putting our children first. Our rates and benefit packages are competitive.

When you foster with Medway Council, you'll get:

  • 2 weeks payment a year for loyalty and commitment
  • loyalty payment to all carers. This will be an annual allowance reflective of your length of service, reviewed each year
  • the chance to increase your allowance through training and related bonuses
  • claim on mileage for all training courses attended
  • a weekly fee for each child in your care
  • an allowance towards a birthday gift or event for each child in your care
  • an allowance towards festive celebrations like Christmas for each child in your care
  • an allowance towards holidays for each child in your care
  • extra tax benefits on money earned from fostering
  • mileage over 700 miles for the needs of the child
  • £500 if you recommend friends or family and they become foster carers
  • birthday or festival allowance for each child in placement of £500 per year

Reasons to foster with us

  • a regular and competitive salary
  • support from a dedicated mentor and social worker whenever it's needed
  • the rewarding opportunity to support a child's development and growth
  • recognised training courses for your career development in fostering
  • the ability to work from home

Allowances available to foster carers

We provide weekly payments based on the age of the child to go towards the cost of caring, such as bills, food, clothes, travel, and pocket money.