If you're already an approved foster carer and considering a transfer to a new agency, we're here to support you.

It's your decision who you choose to apply to foster with. However, you can only be approved as a foster carer with one agency at a time.

If you’re thinking about transferring, we’ll do what we can to offer advice and guidance on the steps you’ll need to take to transfer to us.

Please get in touch and we'll talk through your current circumstances and the transfer process.

If we proceed with a transfer, we’ll work with:

  • you
  • your current agency
  • the local council of any children placed with you.

This is to ensure a smooth transition process, and that any child or young person in your care is not disadvantaged by your decision to transfer. 


Why transfer to us

As a Medway Council foster carer, you’re a crucial part of our service. You can expect to receive the highest level of support from the very beginning of your fostering journey with us. We take great pride in the ongoing support we offer.

Find out what support we offer.

More on the benefits of fostering.

How to transfer

Transfer protocols guide the way in which fostering services should manage the movement of foster carers between fostering services.

The Fostering Network produced the first transfer protocol for use across the fostering sector in 2004, and currently has protocols in:

  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland.

The protocols have been reviewed and revised at regular intervals to reflect changes in the legislation, regulations, statutory guidance and national minimum standards that govern fostering services across the UK.

View The Fostering Network’s Transfer protocol guidance.

We'll need to:

  • update your original Form F
  • undertake statutory checks and references
  • speak with your current agency.

Where possible, your assessment process will be fast tracked. 

If you do not have a child placed with you

Once you have made the decision to transfer, you'll need to notify your current agency of your intent to transfer.

This will let us seek references and information about your time as a foster carer with them.

This will begin your transfer process.

If you do have a child placed with you

The needs of our children and young people in care are paramount. That is why we'll work closely with you and your family, and the child in care, to make sure that the transfer process does not disrupt or disadvantage them in any way.

If you're considering transferring to us, you'll need to inform the local council with parental responsibility for your foster child, and your current agency. You can still transfer to Medway even if you have another local council's child in your care.

If you choose to start your fostering journey with Medway, we'll lead on the transfer process.

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