Supported lodgings providers offer young people aged 16 to 24 a safe family environment to call home whilst developing their independent skills.  

As a supported lodgings provider, you are not a foster carer. Instead, the young person will be a lodger in your home. This means that you can maintain full-time employment as you will not have a parenting role to fulfil.

Help and support

You’ll offer accommodation, support and a family setting to young people who cannot live at home but are not ready to live independently.

These young people will have gone through a range of experiences, and some may need your support in making positive choices in their lives. You’ll help them develop the practical skills and emotional maturity they need to move on to independent living.

The young people we seek placements for come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. We welcome people from different cultures and ethnicities, and encourage families, couples and single people to apply.

The most important thing is that you like and respect young people and understand some of the issues they may face and how their experiences may impact them.

You’ll need the time and flexibility to offer advice in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll also need to provide the young person with a bedroom and access to all household facilities.

Everybody is different, but they may need help with:

  • getting into or maintaining education, training or work
  • managing money and shopping
  • learning to cook and do housework
  • attending appointments
  • building confidence
  • relationship advice.

An assessment to become a supported lodgings provider can be completed within 2 to 4 months.

Summary of scheme

  • Accommodating young people between 16 and 24 who are not ready for independent living
  • Offering them a room in your home
  • Giving them advice and guidance whilst they prepare to enter independence
  • Helping them develop life skills, such as cooking, cleaning and money management.