There are many things that make us different to other local councils and independent fostering agencies (IFAs).

  • We're strong advocates of collaborative working relationships. We work with our foster carers to nurture and help our children and young people in care. This approach gives young people the best possible service
  • We seek to understand a child’s lived experience and support them to resolve any trauma
  • We all know children in care will have difficult issues to face. Not least they’re away from their birth families. We work with foster carers to find ways to help young people feel safe and secure whilst in their care
  • We model a solution focused approach in a sensitive and timely manner
  • We help foster carers to meet the child’s need in a therapeutic and positive way that leads to stability and strength in their relationships.

Even more differences

  • We support our foster carers to develop in their roles
  • We’re dedicated and offer tailored support for foster families. This helps them to feel safe and secure in their relationships with young people
  • We believe it’s important for children to remain in their established networks. This is why our children are placed within the Medway area (a 20-mile radius) so that they can maintain links with their school and contact with family (where assessed)
  • Our area expertise, capacity and reach are embedded in the community and backed by firm local knowledge and availability
  • Our matching process ensures the needs of our children remain a priority, whilst the skills and strengths of our carers are carefully considered.