Site rules

When visiting Medway’s Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs), you must follow our site rules listed below.


  • You can only book to visit Medway HWRCs if you live in Medway and pay Council Tax to Medway Council. 
  • You can only use the sites by booking an appointment. Book online.
  • Ensure that you write down your booking reference number at the end of the booking process and keep it in a safe place.
  • You'll only be able to visit the site you chose, during the time slot you chose, in the vehicle you told us about.
  • You must not book a van into any site as a car. You will be turned away if you make a car booking and your vehicle is a van.
  • Van bookings are only available to Medway residents at our Capstone and Cuxton sites on Wednesdays and Saturdays. See the list of permitted vehicles allowed at Medway sites.
  • Ensure that you book to visit a site that accepts the materials that you wish to dispose of. Not all materials are accepted at all sites. For a list of materials accepted at each site, please click on the following links: CapstoneCuxtonHoath Way.

Arriving at the site

  • Have your booking reference and proof of address ready to give to the security guard on arrival. 
  • Arrive during the timeslot window that you have booked.
  • If you have booked to attend during the 3pm to 4pm booking slot, ensure that you arrive by 3.45pm at the latest
  • You may visit only once for each booking made.

Health and safety

  • Ensure you bring gloves and are wearing sensible footwear to the site. Flip flops onsite are not allowed.
  • Staff are not permitted to help you lift heavy items. You may wish to bring a passenger with you to help with heavy items.
  • Respect staff on site and follow their instructions. They are there to guide you and will not tolerate abuse.

Before leaving home, we advise you to check our social media pages for service updates. Any updates will be posted on the following pages:


  • The site staff member overseeing the non-recyclable items container will advise you to dispose of any recyclable items in the appropriate containers.
  • Only non-recyclable items are permitted to be disposed of in the non-recyclable container.
  • Any bags used to store materials must be disposed of in a separate container. 
  • Site staff are trained to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the scrap metal container and will remove non-ferrous items for separate recycling.
  • Mixed bags of recycling cannot be recycled on site. Plastic bottles, tubs and trays should be put in your white recycling bag for kerbside collection.

Business waste

  • Household waste recycling centres are for household waste only.
  • Business waste including waste from landlords is not permitted at any of Medway’s household waste and recycling centres. Business owners or managers are responsible for disposing of the waste produced by their businesses.
  • If site staff suspect that you are disposing of business-related waste at our sites, you will be asked to complete a Trade Waste Declaration form.  This will then be submitted to Medway Council’s Enforcement Team for further investigation.

If you break the rules, we will refuse you entry to the site or ask you to leave without unloading.