We have dedicated housing officers who manage specific areas in Medway. Your Housing Officer will be the first person to contact about all housing issues, except repairs.

Roles of housing officers include:

  • signing up new tenants
  • helping if tenants have a problem paying their rent
  • attending estate inspections and identifying any environmental improvements
  • dealing with anti-social behaviour issues and supporting victims
  • looking into breaches of tenancy agreements
  • developing resident associations
  • dealing with housing management issues such as assignments and mutual exchanges

Find and contact a Housing Officer

Medway's housing is divided into different 'patches'. To find out what patch you live in and who your Housing Officer is, search for your road below. 

You can contact a Housing Officer on Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5.15pm and Fridays from 8.30am to 4.45pm, excluding bank holidays.

Contact your housing officer by phoning 01634 333 344 or emailing hrahousingofficers@medway.gov.uk

Find your Housing Officer

Housing Officers in Medway

Patch One - Rainham / Twydall

Housing Officer: Soji Adenowo (Income)

Housing Officer: Peter Mountain (Tenancy) - 01634 333 570

Patch One: Bedford Avenue, Bendon Way. Bishopsbourne Green, Bloors Lane, Bonnington Green, Brabourne Avenue, Brown Street, Burnham Walk, Charlecote Court, Cheriton Road, Clopton Court, Crabtree Road, Cranbrook Close, Danson Way, Denbigh Avenue, Denton Green, Derwent Way, Dorset Square, Eastling Close, Fordwich Green, Hathaway Court, Henley Close, High Street Rainham, Holding Street, Kennington Close, Kingsnorth Road, Littlebourne Avenue, Longford Court, Lower Twydall Lane, Marlborough House, Northbourne Road, Oldfield Close, Pluckley Close, Pump Lane, Quinell Street, Regency Close, Rolvenden Avenue, Ruckinge Way, Salisbury Avenue, Sellinge Green, Suffolk Court, Suffolk Avenue, The Mailyns, Thornham Road, Walsingham Close, Welcombe Court, Wilmecote Court, Wollaston Close

Patch Two - Twydall

Housing Officer: Sarah Thompson (Income)

Housing Officer: David Crofts (Tenancy) - 01634 338 544

Patch Two:  Allington Road, Appledore Road, Ash Close, Aylesford Crescent, Bearsted Close, Begonia Avenue, Benenden Manor, Blean Road, Bodiam Close, Boughton Close, Broadway, Charing Road, Chilham Road, Crundale Road, Detling Close, Doddington Road, Eastcourt Green/Lane, Elham Close, Elizabeth Court, Elmfield, Featherby Road, Frinsted Close, Goudhurst Road, Harbledown Manor, Hawkhurst Road, Hawthorne Avenue, Herne Road, Hollingbourne Road, Lamberhurst Green, Leeds Square, Lenham Way, Lyminge Close, Lynsted Road, Mereworth Close, Milsted Road, Minster Road, Newnham Close, Patrixbourne Avenue, Petham Green, Priory Court, Romany Road, Romany Court, Sandhurst Close, Selstead Close, Staplehurst Road, Sturry Way, Twydall Green, Waltham Road, Westerham Close, Wingham Close, Woodchurch Crescent, Woodchurch House


Patch Three - Rainham / Twydall / Gillingham

Housing Officer: Sarah Thompson (Income)

Housing Officer: Peter Mountain (Tenancy) - 01634 333 570

Patch Three: Banky Fields Close, Barfleur Manor, Beechings Way, Camperdown Manor, Chichester Close, Esmonde House, Flaxmans Court, Gloucester Close, Graham Close, High St. Brompton, Leitch Row, Lendrim Close, Lennox Row, Manor House, Manor Street, McCudden Row, Pearman Close, Perie Row, Russells Avenue, Scott Avenue, Skene Close, Solomon Road, St. Edmund's Way, St. Mark's House, Station Road, Taswell Road, Temeraire Manor, Victory Manor, Wakeley Road, Westcourt Street, Winchester Way, Wood Street, Cuxton Caravan Site, General Fun Properties


Patch Four - Gillingham 2

Housing Officer: Soji Adenowo (Income)

Housing Officer: Judith Sheerin (Tenancy) - 01634 333 827

Patch Four: Baron Close, Brennan House, Christmas Street, Church Street, Davenport Avenue, Forge Lane, Gillingham Green, Holly Close, James Street, Knight Avenue, Leet Close, Macdonald Road, Parr Avenue, Pier Road, Saunders Street, St. Albans Close 


Patch Five - Gillingham 3

Housing Officer: Adetoun Ajayi (Income)

Housing Officer: David Crofts (Tenancy) - 01634 338 544

Patch Five: Austell Manor, Bluebell Close, Bridge Road, Buttermere Close, Camborne Manor, Canterbury Street, Cornwall Road, Devonshire Road, Firethorn Close, Fox Street, Grange Road, Hazlemere Drive, Livingstone Road, Medway Road, Milburn Road, Mountevans House, Padstow Manor, Penryn Manor, Redruth Manor, Richmond Road, Shakespeare Road, Strover Street, Tangmere Close, Thirlmere Close, Tintagel Manor, Upper Britton Place, Wharf Road, Windmill Manor. 

Patch Six - Gillingham 4

Housing Officer: Adetoun Ajayi (Income)

Housing Officer: Judith Sheerin (Tenancy) - 01634 333 827

Patch Six: Albert Manor, Andrew Manor, Beatty Avenue, Centenary Gardens, Charlton Manor, Cornwallis Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Greenview Walk, Haig Avenue, Harold Avenue, Park Manor, School Avenue, Sturdee Avenue, Third Avenue, Toronto Road, Victoria Street, Vidal Manor, Windsor Road, Woodlands Road.