How to buy your home

Your landlord must tell you if you have the right to buy your council property within 4 weeks of getting your application and will send you a notice.

If you decide to buy your home:

  • tell your landlord in writing within 12 weeks of receiving your notice
  • an independent estate agent will value your property
  • your landlord will send you an offer letter with the amount they’re prepared to sell for
  • you’ll be sent the terms and conditions of sale and an Energy Performance Certificate.

If you continue with your Right to Buy, your purchase should be handled by your solicitor and your landlord’s legal representative.

You can’t buy your home if:

  • a court has made a possession order against you to leave your home
  • you’re declared bankrupt or have a bankruptcy petition pending against you
  • your home is suitable for the occupation of the elderly due to location, design and heating system.