Apply for or renew a Blue Badge as an organisation

An organisation can apply for a Blue Badge if it cares for and transports people with disabilities, who would qualify for an individual Blue Badge in their own right.

Examples of organisations that may be eligible include:

  • residential care homes
  • hospices
  • social services departments

It’s unlikely that taxi, private hire or community transport operators would be eligible for an organisational Blue Badge. This is because they're rarely involved in the care of people with physical disabilities. They can use an individual's Blue Badge when carrying that person as a passenger.

What you’ll need to apply

You’ll need to tell us:

  • about your organisation
  • how many qualifying disabled people are in your care
  • how many vehicles your organisation has for transporting the people in your care
  • the kind of journeys you provide transport for
  • how many badges you'll need

Apply online

Make sure you have the information required before you start your application. 

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge online


Eligible organisations will be asked to pay £10 for each badge.

It can take up to 12 weeks to process your application once we've received your payment.