Report misuse

If you think someone is using a Blue Badge that they’re not entitled to, or parking in a disabled bay when they should not, you can report Blue Badge misuse in Medway by emailing or phoning 01634 333 355.

If the misuse happened outside Medway, report it to the relevant local council.

If someone is found to be misusing a Blue Badge their entitlement may be reviewed and they could be fined or prosecuted if there is enough evidence of the misuse.

Misuse includes:

  • using a badge when the badge holder is not travelling in the car
  • using a badge that belongs to a person who has now died
  • using an out of date badge
  • continuing to use a badge when you no longer need it instead of returning it to us.

To help us investigate misuse, please give us as much information as you can. This includes:

  • the serial number of the badge
  • a description of the misuse
  • the address or location where the vehicle was parked
  • the name of the badge holder or the misuser (if known)
  • the vehicle make
  • the vehicle colour
  • the registration number (if known).

We can only deal with reports for misuse of the badge in Medway Council car parks or on public highways. If it is a private car park, such as a supermarket, you’ll have to contact the person responsible for the car park.