Check you're eligible for a disabled parking bay

A disabled parking bay is a parking space on a public road that is marked by a white line around the word ‘disabled’.

Only Blue Badge holders can park in a disabled parking bay.


You can apply for a disabled parking bay if you:

  • do not already have a suitable parking facility such as a garage or driveway
  • are a resident living full time at a Medway address
  • have a Blue Badge registered to the same address
  • have regular use of a vehicle registered to the same address.

Any vehicle displaying a Blue Badge can use a disabled parking bay.

The application process takes around 3 months due to the number of requests we get.

If we can install a bay, you'll need to pay a £44 application fee.

Where disabled bays cannot be installed

Disabled parking bays cannot be installed in the following locations:

  • on private land (for example land maintained by a housing association or that is not a public road)
  • on a bend, brow of a hill, close to a junction, or within a turning area in use
  • where parking is not allowed in front of your address (such as marked bus stops, yellow lines or zig zags)
  • on a verge, speed hump or other uneven surface
  • where the road is too narrow
  • outside other residents’ houses (in most circumstances)
  • where you would need to cross a busy road to access the bay.