At Capstone waste and recycling centre you can bring your household waste in a small-privately owned van.

This service is by appointment only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Permitted vans

A small van is a vehicle that:

  • can comfortably fit under the 2 metre height barrier
  • has a single wheelbase

Your van and its contents must weigh less than 2 tonnes.

Vans not permitted 

The following vans are not permitted:

  • sign-written vans
  • transit vans
  • single cab pick-up vans
  • large vans
  • any van with a trailer
  • luton box vans
  • flatbed or drop sider vans.

Book your small, privately-owned van appointment

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Book your small van visit to Capstone 

You can also book by phoning 01634 333 333.

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