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A private fostering arrangement is a family arrangement agreed by the child’s parents (or someone with parental responsibility) for their child to be cared for by an adult who is not a close relative.

We have a legal duty to make sure all private fostering arrangements are safe for the child or young person. Once we know about the arrangement, we'll check the suitability of private foster carers, make regular visits to the child or young person and ensure advice, help and support is available when needed.

Learn more about private fostering arrangements and how they are an important aspect of child welfare and community support.

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“I have an 18-staying put and they're a sibling group. The dynamic is better when they're together. They have witnessed and been put through things that you could not even start to imagine. I cannot take it away, so I offer them love and patience. That's all they ask for at times.”

- Medway foster carer, 15 years

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