We’re here to make going out and getting a job as easy as possible. We work alongside other agencies such as Links to Work, APM, Prince’s Trust and the Jobcentre to provide the best support.

If you’re aged 16 to 18 you must be in education or in a training scheme.

Your social worker is responsible for your education planning so you must talk to them about what you want to do. You can follow different routes to find your dream job. There are resources online, or your Personal Advisor can help you get in touch with a Careers Advisor.

Other work and education resources in Medway include:

Information, advice and guidance

If you’re aged 16 or 17 you can also get career information and advice, this could be a one-to-one appointment, group work, drop in or a on social media.

You can contact the Information, Advice and Guidance Team by emailing iag@medway.gov.uk or follow them on social media on Twitter: @IAGMedway, Facebook: IAGMedway or Instagram: @IAGMedway

Find out more about information, advice and guidance service

Education Psychology Service

If you have an Education Health and Care Plan, we can be part of the review process and advise you on what educational placements meet your needs.

We’re normally only involved if you need to change placement or if your needs have changed. The EHCP can stay with you until you’re 25 if you continue in education and continue to have special educational needs and disability.

You can request an education, health and care plan from the age of 16. There are professionals and carers who can help you to do this or do it for you.

If you’re a care leaver with an EHCP, you’re eligible for the yearlong Supported Internship Programme which supports young people in the workplace. Our main provider is Bemix.