Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Council Tax payments

How we are recovering arrears

During the lockdown periods, we suspended some recovery action. This included enforcement agent visits. From 12 April 2021, all recovery actions will resume following government guidance.

Enforcement agents are highly trained. They can deal with a range of circumstances including vulnerability and financial difficulties. You must respond to any contact you receive. 

They may contact you by:

  • email
  • text
  • letter
  • phone
  • visiting your home.

You should continue to pay any existing arrangements or contact the enforcement agent's office if you are struggling. If you stop paying and they schedule a visit you will incur a fee of £235 and an additional 7.5% if the debt exceeds £1,500.

Government hardship fund

The government has given us additional funding to award up to £150 to working age people who claim Council Tax Reduction.

If you're working age and claim Council Tax Reduction we'll reduce your bill by an extra £150 in 2020 to 2021.

If after discounts, exemptions and Council Tax Reduction you owe less than £150, we'll only award you the balance.

When we award your hardship payment, we'll send you a new bill with the coronavirus hardship payment clearly marked.

Find out about free debt advice.

About our text, email and voice message service

If your Council Tax falls into arrears we may send you a text, email or voice message before taking further action. By responding to this service you may avoid paying extra costs.

You must pay the instalments shown on your last bill issued. Please do not rely on this service, as it may not always be available.

The messages will show as from 'MedwayC'. Each message will invite you to make a payment online using the link or using the automated payment line.

Your mobile number will not be shared with any third party.

If you are worried that the contact you have received is not genuine, you can make a Council Tax payment online or by calling us on 01634 334 477.

If you do not pay

You'll be sent a reminder letter

Once you have your reminder letter we'll give you 10 days to pay this and you’ll need to continue to pay the instalments shown on your bill.

If you do not pay the rest of your instalments

If you don’t pay the rest of your instalments, the plan will be cancelled, the full year’s Council Tax will be due and you’ll be sent a final notice.

If you pay what's due but fall behind again

If you fall behind again after paying what is due on the reminder we’ll send a second reminder notice.

If you fall behind a third time

If you fall behind your instalments a third time, your instalment plan will be cancelled, the full year’s Council Tax will be due and you’ll be sent a final notice.

You will then have 14 days to pay the balance shown to prevent the magistrates court issuing a court summons.